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Walkout Draws Low Number of Participants

The scheduled walkout last Sunday during the Bears game happened, but only saw 100 or so people leaving the stadium. That number is what the AP reported, but original planners of the walkout estimate a number closer to 1,000. Either way, the walkout still seemed nonexistent from watching on TV.

At the 8:57 mark I was ready for FOX to show the crowd leaving or the announcers to talk about it. However, there wasn't even one single mention of the walkout. My guess is that William Clay Ford or someone in the organization went to FOX and "advised" them not to say anything.

Once the game went on and the second half came, the AP story telling that only 100 people participated came out and was a disappointment to me. Whether that number is accurate or not, Lions fans are now apathetic to protesting. I will say that paying so much money to watch less than one half of football is big reason why the participation wasn't so great.

The main reason, however, that the walkout didn't go as well as many hoped is because over half of the stadium was Bears fans. This is something that William Clay Ford should be concerned about. You could easily tell that there were more Bears fans at the game then Lions fans. Plus, you could hear a few "Let's Go Bears" chants sporadically throughout the day.

This is what it has come to. A divisional rival playing a virtual home game in your own stadium. The sideline reporter for FOX even said that the Lions practiced with crowd noise last week. Well, considering the Lions were playing at Ford Field, to have to practice with crowd noise for a home game just shows you how big of a joke this team has become.