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Prepare for the Worse

As another horrific season comes to an end, the speculation of the status of Matt Millen's job will soon come up again. Already this season there have been a few separate occasions where reports said that he was on his way out, but since then, Millen hasn't yet been fired. Once the final whistle blows on Sunday, the Lions will begin the offseason hoping to get things going in the right direction for 2007. One way to start that off would be by firing Matt Millen. However, as time passes and Millen remains in his job, signs are now pointing to the side that he will keep his job next season.

I don't know what feels worse, watching a 2-13 season where over half of the losses could've been wins or knowing that Matt Millen is still employed with Detroit. How a man that makes some of the dumbest decisions and produces a team that continually gets worse can keep his job after so much scrutiny is beyond me. All I know is that I hope my boss in the future understands that year after year things get worse but I'm still doing my best. Come on, give me a break already.

All of the blame can't go to Matt Millen as much if not most of this is all William Clay Ford's fault. He is the one that hired Matt Millen and he is the one that has yet to fire Matt Millen. When it comes down to it, Ford is the one that has the chance to make a change. You're not going to have a better time to do it. The team is likely going to end up with 14 losses, which will be the NFL's worst record (potentially tying with Oakland). Not only that, but a potential number one overall draft pick will be put in the hands of Matt Millen if he is still around. That thought alone will haunt me every day until the draft in April. And knowing Matt Millen, it will probably haunt all Lions fans for years to come.

I'm not really sure what it'll take for WCF to fire Matt Millen. Obviously the losing records and protests aren't doing anything, so it now may be a time to just give up on the Lions altogether. Stop buying tickets and stop supporting the team financially. I'm not saying to completely lose all hope and forget who the team is, because cheering for them from the comfort of your couch is fine with me. The only way I can see a change coming is if Ford Field becomes emptier and the overall profit margin decreases. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that that will be happening anytime soon, especially with rival teams coming in to buy most of the tickets.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that everyone should get ready to be stuck with Matt Millen for another year as it doesn't look like he's going anywhere. It doesn't make sense to me or all of you, but somehow Matt Millen will probably still be working for the Lions in 2007.