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Pregame Notes

One more game remains in this season, but before that is kicked off on Sunday, here are some notes to get you ready.

  • The deadline to use this year's salary cap money is 4:00 p.m. ET today. With that deadline, it is likely that the Lions will try to extend the contracts of Mike Furrey and also possibly Cory Redding. Furrey has come on very strong this year as he nearly has 1,000 yards receiving. Plus, he is a possession receiver that doesn't usually drop the ball. Redding would be great to give a contract extension to as well considering he has stepped it up and played pretty good on a banged up defensive line.
  • Barry Stokes was named the Lions' Robert Porcher Man of the Year for his dedicated success off-the-field with community service along with his excellence on-the-field.
  • Mike Martz believes that he will be back with the Lions next season. Although he isn't taking his name out of the running for other possible openings, he doesn't seem to be heading anywhere at this time.
  • Speaking of coming back to Detroit next season, Mike Williams thinks he will also will return to the Motor City. The only thing is that he wants some things to change, specifically the weight target set by coaches. He has lost a lot of money due to being overweight and he doesn't like that. Who can blame him? I would also like to see Williams come back, but he shouldn't be talking about things that have to change if he does considering he almost was cut before this season. If he starts shooting his mouth off then I wouldn't expect him to be here much longer.
  • Rod Marinelli is scheduled to have hip replacement surgery next Friday. The surgery will change some of the offseason draft preparations. Since the Lions do have one of the worst records, it would've been likely that their coaching staff would be one of the coaching staffs for the Senior Bowl, which is a great way to scout some of the incoming talent. Although the staff won't coach in the game, they will still attend the workouts to get an idea of which players standout.