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Evaluate the Talent

With such dreadful play by the Detroit Lions recently, you would expect to see some new faces out on the field to get some second stringers a chance to play. At this point in the season when you're 2-10, what do you have to lose? It's not like a playoff berth or something like that could be impacted. The only thing that could change is the draft position Detroit has.

Some call it evaluating the talent you have to see what moves need to be made in the offseason. The biggest position that has both played well and struggled greatly at the same time is at quarterback. Jon Kitna's stats are pretty good, but the way he has contributed to some of these close losses leaves me wanting to see what Josh McCown can do.

I've seen McCown as a receiver, and now I want to get an idea of what he would be like as the starting QB for the Lions. Kitna is in a bit of a cold streak right now considering the losing streak that increases after every week. Starting Josh McCown wouldn't send a horrific signal to Kitna, but more a sign that he has to step it up. Plus, getting a look at Josh McCown could help determine the future of Detroit's quarterback. Kitna is getting closer to retirement, and Detroit has to have a plan ready in the future to replace him.

When asked if something like this would be considered, Rod Marinelli responded with this answer:

"I see Jon as our starter for next year. He's going to come in and finish this ... because he brings so many - everything that we want. He's a heck of a quarterback. It wasn't his best game yesterday. But it's an entire unit thing as I look at it. I think he's got so much upside to him. We've put a tremendous amount of pressure on him (with) how much we have thrown the ball. And the more you do throw it, breakdowns can happen and interceptions can happen. But he's also done a lot of very, very good things in terms of moving the ball, throwing the ball, spreading it around the field for Roy and Furrey and Kevin and some of the other receivers we have. But in this offense, so much of it is precision. A receiver has to get to a certain spot on the field at a certain time. He can't get re-routed, he can't get bumped off course. We're throwing to spots and it all works together. But, no, I feel very good about him and we're going to continue to feel good about him."

Not only do I dislike the fact that Marinelli won't even give McCown a chance, but he's already declaring Kitna as next year's starter. That's just a dumb statement to make, and quite frankly, I think it is discouraging. What's the point of McCown sticking around if he knows there's no chance for him to ever have a shot at being the starting quarterback?

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