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More Millen Speculation

It seems as though national newspapers all across the country are jumping in on the Matt Millen controversy.  Ever since Joey Harrington came back to town and demolished the Lions, Millen has not only been under local fire, but national as well.  Most recently, the Philadelphia Daily News reported that Millen and William Clay Ford will meet following the season to discuss Millen's future.

Matt Millen's wretched 6-year tenure as the Lions' general manager appears to be close to an end. Millen will sit down with owner William Clay Ford after the season, and that meeting is expected to result in Millen finally stepping down/getting fired.

Back it up just a second.  The writer out east in Philly obviously doesn't know the Detroit Lions.  We go through this thing every single year and so far nothing is different.  You can say that Matt Millen will meet with Mr. Ford at the end of the season, but even if that does happen chances are no firings or resignations would occur.

Tell me, why would Matt Millen resign?  He's done a horrific job while running this team and still works for the organization.  He's bringing in good money and other than the hatred from Lions fans, has no care in the world.  I'll gladly eat crow for this statement if it turns out to be false, but I just don't see Matt Millen ever resigning.  If a man can run a team right into the ground on his shoulders and survive the numerous rumored firings, then there's no reason to quit.

As far as Matt Millen being fired, I can only pray that that happens.  It will feel like a Detroit Super Bowl victory the day that Matt Millen is rightfully canned and sent home packing.  It's even better than Christmas almost as the day Millen is fired is the day that the Lions organization can finally begin to compete with the rest of the NFL again.

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