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Lions in Position for Worst Record

The only bright spot in this mess that is the Detroit Lions is the thought of next spring. In the spring the NFL draft will take place, and with the way things are going right now, Detroit will have one of the top picks. You never really want to play so badly that you're put into position to get to pick first, but that's just the way it goes.

As of right now, the Lions are tied with the Oakland Raiders for the worst record in the NFL at 2-10. Arizona and Tampa Bay are both 3-9, and then there are four teams all with a 4-8 record. With only four games remaining in the season, anything could happen with the number one overall pick in next year's draft.

I would like to see Detroit get the number one pick because it simply hasn't happened throughout this bad streak of six or so years. During the Matt Millen era, Detroit has had as high as number two overall (when Charles Rogers was picked), but never number one.

If Matt Millen is still around and Detroit does take home the number one pick, then I will be nervous and scared. Matt Millen's draft record is so bad that everyone is just waiting for another bad transaction. Giving him control of the first pick could lead to, well, all hell breaking loose.

Let's just go down the route that Millen is gone and Detroit does pick first. That presents the Lions with numerous options. You could draft a player that can lead to the re-building of a dismal franchise, or there's always the choice to trade down. Trading down a few spots could give you some pretty good players or more draft picks and would allow you to still pick up the player you want.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the remainder of the season plays out, but with the way things have gone the last month or so, all signs point to the first overall pick. Plus, I heard somewhere that Detroit holds a tiebreaker over Oakland if the two teams were tied, so that just raises their chances.

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