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2006 NFL Draft Live Update: What Will Happen Next?

Over the time of the first round today, I will keep you updated with the latest picks and give you my analysis on each. With so many things that could possibly change, it's going to a very interesting draft.

12:11 PM The NFL Draft is officially underway, and the Texans are on the clock.

12:13 PM The Houston Texans don't waste any time and select Mario Williams with the 1st overall pick. Williams surprised everyone by becoming the #1 draft selection. The New Orleans Saints are now on the clock, will they take Reggie Bush, or trade with 1 of the 5 teams talking to them last night.

12:26 PM New Orleans selects Reggie Bush. The trades were there, but they would rather take the superstar over a couple of other picks and some extra players. Bush going to New Orleans is a big shock to any Saints fan if you're talking to us at this time yesterday. Jets fans are already upset because no trade was made, a fan even had a sign that said "NY WANTS REGGIE." Now, which quarterback will be taken? Tennessee is on the clock.

12:34 PM The Titans have selected Vince Young. I guess the front office outweighed the coaching staff. With Young going to Tennessee, he's got a chance to get some playing time right off the bat with the whole Steve McNair issue going on. The New York Jets are now on the clock, will the fans be happy or disappointed? They want Leinart now, so that's what they'll be going by. If Leinart isn't taken, then he should drop to #7 at Oakland, that being his next best chance to be drafted.

12:46 PM The New York Jets select D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Surprising to me and Chris Berman, the fans don't mind the pick. Ferguson is a great lineman, and the Jets do have some quarterbacks. Leinart would've been the better looking pick, but Ferguson is a better fit for NY. Leinart is still out there. If he drops by Oakland, then Detroit would have a chance to pick him up. The Lions are interested in getting a quarterback sources have been saying this morning, whether it be Leinart or Cutler. The Green Bay Packers are now on the clock, likely to be going with A.J. Hawk or Vernon Davis.

12:59 PM No surprise here, the Packers have drafted A.J. Hawk, a great linebacker out of Ohio State. The 49ers are now on the clock, and are expected to draft Vernon Davis, a tight end out of Maryland.

01:04 PM Once again, no surprises here, the 49ers have drafted Vernon Davis, a stellar tight end. He's got the speed of a wide receiver, and the blocking skills of a lineman. This is a great addition for Alex Smith, now he's got a big target to throw to that will go up and get anything. Oakland is on the clock, this is a big one for Detroit to watch.

01:13 PM Oakland has passed by Matt Leinart, and in the process drafted Detroit's #1 choice, Michael Huff. A great safety out of Texas, Huff is a great choice, and initially I was hoping for him to go to Detroit. Now, if Buffalo doesn't select Leinart, which they probably won't, then Matt Leinart will be there for the Detroit Lions to draft. Many teams will try to trade up to that spot no doubt, so Detroit is sitting pretty right now you could say. Buffalo is on the clock, look for Brodrick Bunkley's name to be called off.

01:25 PM Donte Whitner is the newest Buffalo Bill, now putting the Detroit Lions on the clock. Leinart is there, and that's who I want. It should be either Leinart or a trade. This is very exciting, here we go!

01:31 PM Matt Millen blows it again. We have a chance to select one of the best players in the draft, Matt Leinart, and instead we take Ernie Sims. Sims is a decent outside linebacker, but Leinart is the better player and better fit for Detroit. We need a great quarterback to come to this team, and once again, the Lions and Matt Millen have blown it in my mind. The Cardinals are on the clock, and will take Matt Leinart.

01:35 PM The Cardinals draft Matt Leinart. The Lions had their shot at him, and once again made the wrong move. This is what makes it so hard to be a Lions fan. St. Louis is now on the clock.

01:46 PM In a trade between the St. Louis Rams and the Denver Broncos, the Broncos traded up to the #11 spot and chose Jay Cutler. I'm surprised it took this long for the 1st trade to happen. Cutler will have Jake Plummer ahead of him, but can learn the system over that time. Cutler is the 3rd quarterback drafted in the 2006 NFL Draft. Cleveland is now on the clock.

01:56 PM Detroit sports fans can crack a grin right now, even with the disappointing draft pick. The Tigers are leading the Twins 9-0 in only the 3rd inning. Yesterday the Tigers beat the Twins 9-0, and already they have a lead that big. Now just add a Red Wings and Pistons win and the day won't be too bad.

02:00 PM In a trade with swapping draft picks, the Baltimore Ravens moved up to the #12 pick and have drafted Haloti Ngata. Cleveland is now on the clock because of the trade with Baltimore.

02:13 PM Kamerion Wimbley is the newest Cleveland Brown. Wimbley is a defensive end out of Florida State and a very good player. The Browns moved down 1 spot and got a 6th round draft pick because of that. The Eagles are now on the clock.

02:26 PM The Eagles draft Brodrick Bunkley, a defensive tackle out of Florida State. Layover from Buffalo I guess. Everyone expected him to be drafted by the Bills, but just go down to Philadelphia, and that's where he's at now. The St. Louis Rams are now on the clock. This will be my final live update as I've got to go and get ready for the Red Wings playoff game at 3.

02:31 PM The St. Louis Rams draft Tye Hill, a cornerback out of Clemson. Most originally thought he would be taken at the #11 pick by the Rams, but they were able to move down and still get him.

That's all of my Live Update for now as I said earlier, the Red Wings game starts soon. Thanks for reading Pride of Detroit on draft day. More on the Lions' first round selection later, and also more draft stuff. To keep your draft needs satisfied, be sure to check out all of the other great NFL blogs in the SB Nation family.

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