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Harrington Could Be Dealt to Cleveland for Draft Pick

The latest news on Joey Harrington is saying that a deal could be done today to send him to Cleveland.  Harrington was told by Matt Millen that he could shop himself around to find a deal to get out of Detroit, and he did so after visiting Miami.  The Dolphins and Harrington agreed to contract terms, so all that was left was for the Lions to make if official by accepting the trade proposed.  In Matt Millen's mind, the offer wasn't good enough, he wanted at least a 3rd round draft pick, and Miami wasn't willing to give that up.  Now that that deal didn't go through, Millen is exploring some other offers.

The Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs both were interested in Joey Harrington, but after drafting Jay Cutler and Brodie Croyle respectively, neither team would need Joey.  That brings us to the Cleveland Browns.  Cleveland expressed some interest in Harrington, and now it appears that something could happen with Cleveland.  The Browns have a total of 7-second day draft picks, and could deal one of those to Detroit for Harrington.  Also, if Harrington couldn't workout a new contract by June 15th, then there would be a way to basically void the trade altogether.

The problem with the whole Joey Harrington saga is that the Lions and Harrington aren't on the same page.  Harrington had the permission to go find a new place to call home, and did that in Miami.  Miami is only offering a 6th-round draft pick for 2007; Detroit wanted one for the draft currently going on.  

Eventually Harrington will have to be traded or released by Detroit, as neither wants the other anymore.  It seems that getting rid of Harrington could end up being as hard as having him here in the first place.

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