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Recap of Day 2 of the NFL Draft

After a very exciting first day of the NFL Draft, day 2 rolled around to see what else could happen.  Day 2 is where the true scouts from the NFL are showcased.  Picking up a player nobody else has even heard of, and then turning him into a Pro Bowler.  Just look at Tom Brady, a 6th round pick into one of the best around today.

Here's just a quick recap of the players Detroit selected on day 2 of the 2006 NFL Draft:

5th Round - 141st Pick Overall - Jonathan Scott
This was a good pickup by Detroit.  Scott was thought to have gone late-first day to early-second day, and Detroit had even thought about taking him instead of Brian Calhoun.  Luckily Millen took the chance that he would still be there, and it paid off.  A great player for such a late pick.'s analysis of Scott is this:

Scott redshirted in 2001and started seven of the 12 games he played at right tackle as a redshirt freshman in 2002. He made the switch from right to left tackle as a sophomore in 2003. He started all 13 games at left tackle in 2003 and all 12 games at left tackle in 2004, when he earned second-team All-America honors. Scott started all 12 regular season games at left tackle as a senior in 2005, when he earned unanimous first-team All-America honors. The 2006 Rose Bowl was Scott's 44th career start at Texas. Scott suffered through some growing pains after flipping sides to the left tackle position in 2003, but he made significant strides over the course of his last two seasons. Scott made a wise decision to return for his senior season, as he needed more experience at the collegiate level in order to improve his bulk, strength and tenacity. While he has continued to make strides in those areas, there is still a lot of room left for him to progress. The bottom line is that his frame and athleticism make him an attractive pro prospect with a lot of upside. If Scott continues to get stronger and learns to play with more of a mean streak, he should emerge as a solid starter in the NFL. As it stands right now, Scott is a bit of a risk-versus-reward prospect worth considering late in the second round or anywhere in the third round of the 2006 draft.

Great pickup by the Lions late in the draft, especially since more holes were addressed.  The offensive line was very weak last year, and maybe adding some talent can help buildup a better, and more stronger o-line.

6th Round - 179th Pick Overall - Alton McCann
Alton McCann is a great cornerback out of West Virginia.  Most thought Detroit would've taken a corner earlier then the 6th round, but nonetheless, the Lions found a great player.  

When the draft gets into the 6th round, you really don't hear too much about the players selected.  McCann was predicted to not even go drafted, but something about him impressed Matt Millen.  McCann is a good pickup and should be good down the road.

7th Round - 217th Pick Overall - Fred Matua

Another offensive lineman was drafted in the 7th round, once again addressing this team's needs.  Matua is out of USC and was surprised himself to still be around in the 7th round.  Some experts had predicted that Matua would be a late-first day pick.  Matt Millen again took advantage of that and picked-up a player that may have been overlooked by other teams.

Matua is not a player that fits into every scheme, but he should be a great professional player with lots of speed and size.

7th Round - 247th Pick Overall - Anthony Cannon
The final pick of the 2006 NFL Draft for the Detroit Lions was the same position that the first pick came from, linebacker.  Anthony Cannon, out of Tulane, is an outside linebacker that had originally worked out with the New Orleans Saints before the draft, and had not impressed the scouts.  A week later he was worked out by Detroit, and obviously played much better.  It's great to see a player from Tulane, a college that was decimated by Hurricane Katrina, get out there and prove that no matter what, you can always accomplish amazing things.

With the choice of selecting Cannon, that brings the total number of defensive players drafted by the Detroit Lions up to 4, and for a change, outweighs the number of offensive players taken.

Overall, I'd say that the draft was pretty successful.  The holes in positions on the o-line and in the defensive backfield were taken care of.  Now, Detroit can move on to worrying about the actual playing standpoint.  Training camps are a ways away, but until then, the most-exciting offseason in sports will have to satisfy your NFL needs.

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