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Harrington Relieved To Be In Miami

For the past 4 years, Joey Harrington has been stuck in Detroit.  He played for a mediocre team, and really wasn't ever happy.  Things got worst last year when he was benched and tied in with drama when even his own teammate Dre' Bly criticized him.

Harrington was basically told to go shop himself around and find a new home by Matt Millen as he would not be returning to the team for the 2006 season.  Harrington found a home in Miami, and finally last week a trade was completed to send Joey to Miami in exchange for a conditional 2007 draft pick.

In a two part interview with Mitch Albom, Harrington sounded off on his stay in Detroit and really got into things many people had been wondering about.  After arriving in Miami, Harrington is probably more happy then he ever has been.  He didn't really sound off on anything, but he talked about his new home.

Harrington said this to say in the Sun-Sentinel this week:

It's a huge relief. It's nice to have things ironed out and have a place where I can go get a driver's license, register to vote and find a place to live. The biggest relief is I have something that's solid.

We had pieces in Detroit. That wasn't an issue. I don't necessarily think we had a direction. I love the control that Coach [Nick] Saban has. He has everybody focused on the same goal and looking in the same direction. That's what I want. I want to be part of a team again.

I'm glad that Harrington now has a place that he can feel comfortable in and be apart of an actual team.  I wish him luck in his career, and hope he gets some good playing time.

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