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The Rundown: From One Bush to Another

Another slow news day Lions-wise, so we'll get right into the latest in NFL news.

  • As the title says, there was two people with the last name Bush in the NFL news today.  First, Florida Governor Jeb Bush was reportedly contacted by the NFL for the possibility of becoming the next commissioner.  Bush said that he would finish his current job, running the state of Florida, and then consider it.  That term ends in January, but not only does Jeb, but I also doubt the position would still be open then.

  • The other Bush in the news is Reggie, the second overall draft pick.  Bush had hoped to wear the #5 jersey for the New Orleans Saints in his rookie season, and appealed to the NFL to disallow the current rule where a running back can only where numbers that didn't include 5.  The NFL isn't going to bend the rules, so Bush will be forced to wear the "traditional" running back number.  I would bet on Bush wearing #25 as it includes the number 5 in it.
Don't count on any updates tomorrow as I'll be in Auburn Hills for game 2 between the Pistons and Heat.