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The Rundown: Lions and Backus Speak Again

This past weekend had more news than the NFL Draft in the Lions' camp.  Here's the latest info:

  • Jeff Backus, the Lions' franchise player, met with team officials earlier today to discuss the restructuring of his contract.  Backus has been upset that he hasn't received a long-term deal, so hopefully one can be worked out so that we're all happy.

  • As earlier reported, the Lions had to forfeit two offseason days due to a complaint filed to the NFLPA.  More info is surfacing on that grievance filed today, and it appears that a few players may have done it.  Reports are saying that some of the Lions' players were upset with how hard and how much contact was being used in these early-offseason practices.  I know it's the offseason, but it's football, get used to it.  Maybe this is the attitude Lions football needs, an in-your-face kind of style.  No leaks on who the players were that filed the grievance, but rumors are that Shaun Rogers may have been one of them after the blowout he and Marinelli had a few weeks ago.

  • Az-Zahir Hakim may be moving back to Detroit, the Lions brought him in for a physical and stated that they will talk to his agent later this week to see where they're at.  Hakim would be a good addition to a young wide receiving corp.  I'd hope that he had better results then the first stint with Detroit however.

The offseason that never sleeps continues to poor in the news, and tomorrow Pride of Detroit will go into some of the things going on in Allen Park at the training facility more extensively.  Until then, thanks for reading and Go Lions!

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