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Backus Agrees to New Contract

For the entire offseason Jeff Backus and the Lions have been on edge when it came to a new contract.  Back in the start of May it was just progress for the two sides to talk to each other.  By the end of the month, Backus and the Lions had agreed to a 1-year deal, but it would have to be reworked later.

The specifics of the contract money-wise are a 1-year deal worth $6.983 million.  The more important part of the contract however is the fine print.  It states that Backus won't be the franchise tag in 2007, which really limits the options of a free agent.

That deal now apparently has been reworked.  Tom Kowalski is reporting that Backus has agreed to a 6-year deal.

Detroit Lions left tackle Jeff Backus signed a six-year contract Thursday which will pay him an estimated $15 million in guaranteed money. Backus, who was tagged as the team's franchise player, could've opted for a one-year, $6.9 million deal.

It's good to see that a player like Backus, who is very important to this franchise, will be around for the next few years.