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The Rundown: Preseason Games Coming to a Television Set Near You

After the weekend layoff, Pride Of Detroit will be posting on a continuous basis from now on.  The Lions' training camp starts in just eleven days, which is very hard to believe.  The actual preseason is only twenty-five days away.  On August 11th Detroit will face-off with the Denver Broncos in the first game of the 2006 preseason.  The game will be broadcasted on UPN 50, live from Detroit at 7:30 p.m.

The NFL offseason is coming to an end, and it certainly has been an eventful one.  The stories just keep coming in from everywhere but Detroit it seems like, so here's another edition of The Rundown.

  • The NFL Network is becoming a big-time player in the television world for this season.  They're a force to be reckoned with after a large amount of games were decided to be broadcasted on the NFL's exclusive channel.  Thanksgiving and Thursday night games, and also the Insight and Senior Bowls (College) will be played on the NFL Network.

    The best part of the NFL Network in 2006 will be getting to see every team play over a span of 52 days.  When the preseason starts on August 10th there will be a span of 24 games exclusively seen during 52 consecutive days.  Games will be re-broadcasted throughout the week of previous exhibition games.  Also, a few live games will be telecasted in HD. (

  • A few years ago there was a minor steroid scandal in the Carolina Panthers franchise.  That scandal was brought about again today when the doctor that prescribed the illegal drugs was sentenced to one year and one day in prison.  It could've been a lot worse, but Dr. James Shortt took a plea deal that dropped forty-two other counts.  For good behavior, the sentence could be reduced down to just eleven months, but with another investigation still pending, I wouldn't count on it. (Forbes)

  • EA Sports always releases its two most popular sports titles during he summer.  NCAA Football 07 will be released within the next few hours; although, many have obtained a copy of the game early.  Madden NFL 07 is scheduled to be released on August 22nd.  There's going to be the usual different versions for different platforms, but now there will also be a different version altogether.  

    A "Hall of Fame" version of Madden will be available on the same day as the release of the normal game.  The Hall of Fame versions will most likely cost a little bit more, but it'll include special features.  On the PS2 version there will be a special inside-look at the making of the PlayStation 3 version, and on the 360 the entire first season of Madden Nation, a show following Madden players from ESPN. (Pro-G)

  • Dallas Cowboys safety Keith Davis was shot this past weekend during an apparent drive-by.  The police are investigating the incident, and now are saying that it could have been a carjacker trying to get his next victim, which happened to be Davis.  Davis was shot in 2003 outside of a strip club, so this is nothing new to the Cowboys defender.  Davis is doing fine now and is recovering. (CBS11TV)

With fantasy football drafts looming, Pride Of Detroit is going to be breaking down each and every position and go over who you should and shouldn't draft.  All that and more in the coming weeks here at POD.

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