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Mike Williams Fined $400,000 Last Season

Former first round draft pick Mike Williams, a wide receiver out of USC, was reportedly fined over $400,000 last season for numerous team violations. Although the violations have not been specified, speculation is that Williams showed up late and may have even missed team meetings on numerous occasions. Williams actually moved closer to the practice facility during the season. That was an apparent suggestion by team management to prevent having to fine him anymore than they already did.

Williams was the third consecutive wide receiver drafted in the first round by the Detroit Lions and was going to make the trio into something great. With this coming out, Williams will be playing basically for free in his first two seasons in the NFL. He would only make a little more than the total fines in salary not counting bonuses.

Some other speculation to not only being late for team meetings during training camp is also that he came to the practice facility overweight, which can result in fines up to $500 per pound over the limit.

Williams is not only in danger of losing more salary if he does this again in 2006, but he's on the bubble of even making the roster. He and another former first rounder, Charles Rogers, will both be battling it out to make the bottom-end of the depth chart at wide receiver.

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