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Fantasy Football 2006: Quarterbacks

Probably the most important one player on a single team is the quarterback. The quarterback is the leader and the one person that can call his own plays. At some points the QB may even be running the offense if a coach gives over control for a drive or two. In fantasy football things are no different. By far, the QB is the most important player on a fantasy team. He simply is because the most points can be accumulated from a QB.

Most scoring systems work where you receive a point for every *insert number here* yards of passing (usually 25 or 50). A touchdown pass can be worth 4 or 6 points, and then bonuses for reaching a certain amount of yards can be awarded as well. There's a limited number of quarterbacks that will put up the most points week in and week out for a fantasy team, so Pride of Detroit is here to help.

In the second part of a series of fantasy football previews, POD will assist you in drafting a quarterback. In part one you learned the basics of being a good fantasy football player, now you will learn who will help you win the big prize.

A good quarterback can lead your fantasy football team to success all year long. It's the one position that can make the biggest difference in one week or one year. When drafting a quarterback it's best to address the need with one of your early picks in the draft. You don't necessarily have to take a QB with your first round pick, because there could be some high-point scorers on the board still. But, you definitely don't want to wait too long since that is the most popular position when it comes to early round picks.

The biggest thing you have to think about when drafting a quarterback is if you want to play it safe and go with a player in an early round that is always consistent and will get you solid points each week, or wait a few round and get some other position players first, then later on draft a QB. Personally, I would play it on the safer side. Picking up a player that you can build a roster around is always going to be a good decision. If you do want to risk things a little, then you could pickup a running back or wide receiver that will put up a lot of points, and then come back and get a QB that may not be one of the best in the league, but is still a decent player in a few rounds after the start of the draft.

BEST OF THE REST - Quarterbacks that are worth an early round pick.
**Peyton Manning (Colts) A great pick if you're looking for a player that will accumulate points over a period of time. After coming off of a career season in 2004, Manning struggled to reach those numbers last season. Without Edgerrin James, a balanced attack on offense may take some time to put back into place. Even so, Manning not only has the mechanics of a great QB, but great players surrounding him. Look for Manning to have a great season, and power any fantasy football team.

**Tom Brady (Patriots) The 2005 season was a career best statistically for Tom Brady. Brady put up over 4,000 yards of passing and 26 touchdowns. Those stats were at the very top of the league. Brady will be looking to lead his team to a fourth career Super Bowl title, and will undoubtedly put up great numbers again. Brady is great from a fantasy football standpoint because with a struggling running game, that just means more passes from Mr. Brady.

**Matt Hasselbeck (Seahawks) The only thing that didn't go right for Matt Hasselbeck last season was a Super Bowl loss to the Steelers. Other than that, the young QB threw for 3,455 yards and 24 TDs. His single-digit number of interceptions was also a big part in the success of Seattle. Hasselbeck will be out there trying even harder this coming season to make it back to the Super Bowl. With reigning MVP Shaun Alexander coming off of a season like no other, this year it's Matt's turn to shine.

**Jake Delhomme (Panthers) Going somewhat unrecognized, Jake Delhomme has helped add an explosive offense to the defensive-oriented Panthers. Many previews have the Panthers reaching the Super Bowl, and one of the main reasons is Jake Delhomme. Steve Smith was by far the best wide receiver last season, and he'll be just as good in '06. Add free agent acquisition Keyshawn Johnson into the mix, and Delhomme has some darn good targets to throw to. This QB will be a great steal if you can get him.

**Carson Palmer (Bengals) A sudden knee injury ended the Bengals playoff run before it even got started last year. Now, in 2006, they will look to do it all over again; this time without the injury. Carson Palmer finally had his breakout season, and now will look to continue that success. If he can stay healthy, then Palmer has a chance to be a league-leader in all of the statistical categories. Adding in a great receiving corps that includes the flashy Chad Johnson doesn't hurt either. It may be a gamble, but if there are no injuries for Palmer in '06, then the reward will be worth taking that chance.

GAMBLES - QBs that could have a great or really horrible season. You feelin' lucky?
**Brett Favre (Packers) After the worst season of his career, Brett Favre will look to come out and finish strong in what is most likely the last call. If he could get things back to normal, then Favre would be a great player to pickup. But, with a running game that is questionable, and the loss of star wide receiver Javon Walker, Favre could be in for another long season.

**Daunte Culpepper (Dolphins) An injury cut short a rough season that began with lots of interceptions for Culpepper. Now, he's with a new team that has a very promising future. Chris Chambers is a great player to throw the ball to, as he is one of the best WRs in the league. The only questions surrounding Culpepper is if he'll be able to stay healthy and thrive with his new team.

**Drew Brees (Saints) Shoulder surgery and a new team raises many question marks around Drew Brees. Not only is there an injury involved, but how effective can Brees be with a New Orleans team that only has one bright spot: possible holdout Reggie Bush.

SLEEPERS - These steals could provide your team with a solid choice at QB.
**Steve McNair (Ravens) Air McNair hasn't been nearly as effective as he could be the last few seasons in Tennessee. His run with the Titans ended with a nasty battle against management over access to a practice facility. Now, in Baltimore, McNair will be running the show. McNair can be a great late-draft choice if he's still around. Although he may not be making all of the headlines, McNair has a great attack with Jamal Lewis and Derrick Mason to provide the Ravens with a veteran-filled offense.

**Kurt Warner (Cardinals) Dennis Green may have finally found his starter. It was a shuffling of QBs in 2005, where Warner only played in ten games. Even though standout Matt Leinart was drafted, it'll just fuel Warner to play better. He's got one of the best receiving duos in Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. Add in Edgerrin James, and Warner has a supporting cast to succeed.

**Jon Kitna/Josh McCown (Lions) I'm not trying to sound like a homer or anything, but whoever is the starting quarterback for the Lions can be a solid backup on your fantasy team. Kitna or McCown both can be great players, especially with Roy Williams on his way to becoming a star. Mike Martz, the offensive guru, is building an offense that can finally have some success. The Lions will have to play better all the way around, but the quarterback position is probably the best place to start.

Next up on the menu of fantasy football previews is running backs. There is lots of talent in the backfields around the league this year, and POD will sort through all of it. Look for that as soon as tomorrow.

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