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Mike Williams Fine Amount Incorrect?

Just over a week ago I reported that Mike Williams had been fined over $400,000 for many different infractions last season.  It turns out that may not be true after all.  Well, maybe.  The Free Press came out with an article a few days ago that stated the following:

Mike Williams admits to being fined often in 2005 but said it was far less than recently reported. In fact, Williams produced a line-by-line statement from the franchise showing the amount for the full season was $60,443.

Williams has changed his story on the fines before.  Initially he said that the he showed up late to meetings or practices only a couple of times.  But after it came out that he was fined over $400,000, he said it was often.

The most important thing is to put all of this talk about fines behind us and move on.  Preventing fines or any violations of team policy will be important for Williams simply because of the fact that he's fighting for a spot on the roster.  If he can stay on track and continue to improve, then he may not only get on the roster, but move up drastically on the depth chart.

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