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Will Mike Williams and/or Charles Rogers Be Cut?

The biggest question in Lions training camp has been which receivers will be cut, if any at all.  Charles Rogers and Mike Williams, two former first rounds picks for Detroit, both are on the bubble in some minds.  Neither have lived up to their expectations so far, and many don't see them as being good enough to even make the team.

In my mind that's complete garbage.  Rogers and Williams both have the potential to be at the top of the Lions' depth chart.  Rogers hasn't had an entire season to do that because of injuries and a drug suspension.  Mike Williams has only been in the league for one year, and during that time he had fines and other off-the-field issues to worry about.  Don't jump the gun on either of these two players.  All it takes is a worry-free season and both can be great players.

Yesterday, on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon debated this issue in "Oddsmakers," a segment where they give the odds on something happening.  Take a look.

The odds that I completely agree with both of them are 100%.  There's no way Williams or Rogers will be cut.  The first reason is that Matt Millen wouldn't get rid of players he drafted in the first round unless he got something back for it, like what he did with Joey Harrington.  The second reason is that there's no reason to give up on players so quickly.  As I said earlier, Williams is only entering his second season, and Rogers is still waiting to have a complete season.  

When the final roster is set, both Mike Williams and Charles Rogers will have their names on it.  They may not be very high on the depth chart, but there's no way they're left off of it altogether.

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