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When Mascots Attack

This may be the bizarrest story you will ever hear of. During this past weekend, the New Orleans Saints were playing a preseason game at the Tennessee Titans. As the second half was about to start, and the teams were entering the field, Titans' mascot "T-Rac" had a little accident with Saints third string QB Adrian McPherson.

McPherson was exiting the tunnel at the same time that T-Rac was driving his golf cart off the field into the tunnel and the two collided. Apparently, T-Rac ran into McPherson with his golf cart and hit him directly on his leg.

McPherson now has a bruised knee and will be out two weeks. The NFL is looking into the matter, and I would expect that T-Rac may have to be finding a new job very soon. The Titans' mascot is actually a five-time Pro Bowler, meaning that he has had the privilege of attending the Pro Bowl five times as one of the selected mascots. I wouldn't expect any trips to Hawaii at the end of this season after the incident with McPherson.

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