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Detroit Dominated in 21-3 Loss to Oakland

TEAMS 1 2 3 4 OT F
Detroit 0 0 3 0 - 3
Oakland 7 14 0 0 - 21
Visitor GAME STATS Home
261 Total Yds 335
13 First Downs 18
76 Rushing Yds 123
20-1 Rushes-Fumb 37-1
0 Rushing TD 1
185 Passing Yds 212
18-37-0 Comp-Att-TD 13-23-2
2 Interceptions 0
7-16 3rd Down Conv. 7-14
27:28 Time of Pos. 32:32
The third game of the preseason is usually used as a dress rehearsal for a regular season game. Training camp ends the week before, and practice similar to the regular season begins. During the week leading up to the third preseason game, coaches treat it as it is sometime in September. Each day is mapped out to have certain activities; film, practice, gameplan, etc.

For the Lions, Rod Marinelli used the third game of the preseason to put the Lions at some adversity. Detroit had to play Oakland on the road, which was a long trip already, but Marinelli made it even longer. He had the team fly out to Oakland on the morning of the game (yesterday) and then travel back to Detroit afterwards.

I can see what Marinelli was trying to do, by showing that things are going to be harder on some days when you have to play, but I think it was a pretty dumb thing to do. Traveling across the country from Michigan to California is very tiring, I've done it twice before and was worn out on arrival. I couldn't even imagine doing this type of thing on the same day as a game. The players would be fatigued from sitting on a plane for 4+ hours and could be more prone to injury. Although no injuries happened, I am questioning this thing a lot as it led to a blowout by Oakland.

The Raiders continued their undefeated streak yesterday night after a convincing 21-3 victory over the Lions. From the very start of the game Detroit didn't look good. Oakland came right out and scored on just the third play of the game. And not only that, it was a 63-yard pass to Randy Moss. As I stated in the game thread yesterday, so much for the defense cutting down on allowing long-yardage plays.

From that moment on it was all Raiders. Detroit really never had a chance. They did move the ball well, but never were able to get it into the endzone. Either a turnover or a failed third down conversion would end a promising drive and put it back into the hands of the enemy. What made it even worse was that when Oakland did get the ball back, they wasted little time in adding to their lead. Randy Moss once again was on the receiving end of a touchdown pass from Aaron Brooks as the two hooked up for a 25-yard TD. Just 5 minutes later, LaMont Jordan rumbled into the endzone for the touchdown from 14 yards out and gave Oakland the 21-0 lead at the half.

Detroit couldn't do anything for the rest of the game except kick a 38-yard field goal, by Jason Hanson. The final score was 21-3 in favor of Oakland, proving to be another disappointing loss for the second week in a row.

There were some interesting story lines that came out of this game, and that will be looked at throughout the next week here at Pride of Detroit. One was the fact that wide receiver Mike Williams didn't see the field at all last night. Here's what Rod Marinelli had to say about that after the game last night:

When asked if Williams got on the field, head coach Rod Marinelli replied: "No, guys earn their time in practice."

When asked to elaborate, Marinelli said: "I?ll just leave it at that."

From that it would seem that Mike Williams hasn't been doing well in practice or has not been showing any work ethic. This leads to even more speculation that he may be cut when the roster shrinks in the near future. Williams and Charles Rogers both didn't play during last night's game, and Rogers could miss the next game as well. It would really be something if two former 1st round draft picks were both cut, but it is seeming all the more possible as time goes on.

Detroit heads back home for the final game of the preseason this coming Thursday against the Buffalo Bills. It'll be the last chance for players to impress the coaching staff and squeeze onto the final roster. There's still many questions left unanswered and only one week left to figure them out. More reaction from the Oakland game and a preview of the Buffalo matchup this week on POD.

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