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New Poll Is Up

Now that the 2006 season is well underway, you can expect to see new polls each week varying by whatever happens.  The first new poll of the season asks the question of basically whether the Lions can rebound from a disappointing last-second loss to Seattle by beating the Chicago Bears.  A win over the Bears would be huge as it would not only be big in the sense that Chicago is a good team, but also because it's a matchup with two NFC North teams.  Go and vote for either yes, they will beat the Bears, or no, Chicago wins.

Recapping the contents of the last poll, 187 of you voted for who the winner of the NFC North would be for this season.  After all the votes were tallied, the winner of the poll was the Lions.  I'm not completely shocked since most of the readers here are Lions fans.  The vote came down to the Lions and Bears, who face each other this weekend.  Detroit came in with 45% of the votes, and Chicago 42%.

Bringing up the rear of the poll, the Minnesota Vikings had 9% of the votes, and Green Bay a mere 2%.  Good call on the Packers.  After witnessing a complete and total blowout by Chicago, I wouldn't pick the Packers if my life depended on it.

So, go and vote in the new poll and look for many more throughout the season.

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