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The T.O. Saga Deepens

Well, if you haven't heard about this next story yet today, then you must be living in a bubble. For the next month, we all can look forward to turning on the ESPN family of networks and seeing nothing but T.O. this to T.O. that.

Last night, it was reported that Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens was rushed to a hospital because he had an "adverse reaction" to the pain killers he was taking for his injured finger. That would've meant he had an allergic reaction or something of that sort that caused him to have to be rushed to the emergency room.

Sometime this morning, the report shifted from allergic reaction to an attempted suicide. When I first heard this angle of the story being reported, I thought that it was fake. Why would T.O. want to commit suicide? It turns out, every news channel was reporting the same thing. That's all that has been on ESPN since the story first broke.

How exactly did Owens reportedly try to commit suicide? Well, I've heard various figures that he took 30-40 of his pain killers at once to try and end his life. Let's just say, if he had taken that many, then I doubt he would've been able to have a press conference today to talk about what exactly happened.

Since we've gotten more of the details, my belief of the fact that he attempted suicide has changed to a miscommunication being blown way out of proportion. From what T.O. said in the press conference, it sounded like he took Vicodin and mixed it with natural supplements, causing an almost deadly reaction. Owens had suffered from a hamstring injury for most of the preseason, and then broke a finger against Washington. My thought from this is that he was trying to numb the pain so he could play again, and the way he went about doing it was just a mistake.

What seems to have happened was that police got the wrong idea and jumped to conclusions much too early on in this incident. It sounds like they just figured he was trying to commit suicide, and went and published that in the police report that was leaked to a local Dallas media affiliate. Because of that, the entire thing was blown up into a media frenzy that has me tired of the story already.

Come to your own conclusions, but as for me, I actually am siding with Owens on this one. I think he wanted to get on the field so badly that he took whatever he had to get rid of the pain from a surgery on his broken finger. Unfortunately, he didn't no what he was doing in the sense that the combination of pills he took was almost deadly. I honestly don't think he was trying to commit suicide. But, until the details are exact, it looks like this could be a "he said, she said" type of thing.

If it does come out that Owens truly did attempt suicide, then he needs some help. T.O. has been quite the character on and off the field in year's past, but if it's gone as far as he actually tried to kill himself, than someone needs to help him.

Much more on this throughout the rest of the week and once more details become available.

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