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T.O. Case Closed As Police Rule It "Accidental Overdose"

The most controversial athlete in all of sports added to that ever-growing reputation earlier this week when he was rushed to the hospital after what was being called an adverse reaction to the pain killers he was taking. That story somehow snowballed into T.O. attempting suicide, and on Wednesday, that's all that was talked about in the sports world.

Terrell Owens and his publicist vehemently denied the accusations that he tried to kill himself, saying that there was a miscommunication with Dallas police. Originally, some reports were that Owens had taken 30-40 pain killers and was still putting some in his mouth when emergency responders arrived.

It turns out that Owens was telling the truth in the fact that the Dallas police have now closed this investigation as they have ruled it an "accidental overdose." T.O. just mixed his pain killers with supplements and the reaction is what sent him to the emergency room.

The reason attempted suicide was actually published in the initial police report stems from jumping the gun on the whole incident too quickly. The straight facts weren't there, and the police department just went ahead and published the report anyways.

It's good to know that Owens didn't actually try to kill himself. I know he can be controversial, but I wouldn't ever expect him to do something like this. The best reason to deter anybody that did think he attempted suicide is the fact that T.O. loves T.O. too much to do any harm to T.O.

Even with this case now being closed, I would still expect to be hearing about Owens a lot as his Cowboys face the Eagles next week, and you can bet a lot of controversy will come from that game.

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