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Backup Running Back Arlen Harris Released

You read it right.  Just days before the first game of the season and the backup running back has been released.  I really don't know what to tell you at this point.  I'm speechless at this decision.  After the way he played in the preseason, and his connections to offensive coordinator Mike Martz, I would've never expected this.

Officially being announced today, Harris was given the boot by the Lions, and wide receiver Devale Ellis was signed from the practice squad.

Until more information from the releasing of Harris becomes available, we'll all just have to speculate at what happened.  I just can't comprehend why a team would release their backup running back right before the season opener.

Now, all the Lions are left with at the running back position is starter Kevin Jones and rookie Brian Calhoun.  That's only 2 running backs.  If you want to consider Shawn Bryson, he would also be a running back, but technically he converted to fullback this season.  

As I said, until more details become available, I'm going to be the first to second guess this move right off the bat.  You can't cut down the depth at running back in the NFL, 2 players just isn't going to cut it.  And why was Artose Pinner released if Harris would be gone just a week later?  If Pinner were still here, then not only would he not be on the Vikings' roster, but he would also give the Lions some depth at RB.

The way things have been going the last few weeks in Detroit are not a good omen for the season that's upcoming, especially with the defending NFC champions coming to town in week 1.

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