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Mike Martz Interviewed for Dolphins Head Coaching Job

Wayne Huizenga arrived in Detroit today at around 4:15 ET this afternoon to interview Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz regarding the head coaching vacancy in Miami. The interview was originally supposed to be tomorrow, but was moved up a day. Mr. Huizenga has been a busy man over the last week or so since Nick Saban left for Alabama. In that time period, he has interviewed a double-digit amount of potential candidates for the Dolphins job and continued that today with Martz.

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, we can track Huizenga's plane to see where it is at. According to the tracker, the plane arrived in Detroit at 4:15 ET and departed at 6:30 ET. In that time, Mike Martz was interviewed as a candidate to become the next coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Since Martz came to Detroit early last year, rumors have circulated on a regular basis stating that Martz would be taking a head coaching job somewhere by the next season. Early reports suggested Arizona, but now the focus shifts to Miami, and possibly Oakland as well (Martz reportedly is "very interested").

This interview with the Dolphins doesn't mean that he has the job as I said that Wayne Huizenga has interviewed quite a bit of people already. The job really is wide open, but many like Martz's chances. The "offensive guru" quality is what many specifically think will land him this job. Miami hasn't had a great offense in years, and bringing in Martz could certainly change that. I think it's safe to say that if Mike Martz can get Jon Kitna to throw for over 4,000 yards that he can make Miami successful offensively as well.

The interesting thing if Martz were to get the job is that he would be reunited with Joey Harrington, who spent a couple months with Martz in Detroit last year before being traded. One of the reasons he was traded was due to Martz not seeing him fitting in his offensive system, but then again, most Detroit players can't do a lot of stuff right.

Updates to this developing story will be posted as they come in. I would expect to hear something about the interview in the next 24 hours that will give us an idea of Martz's chances. I really don't want to see Martz go as they offense was much better, even if the record didn't reflect that. However, Mike Martz is bound to eventually find a head coaching job somewhere, so it really is just a matter of time. Hopefully that time doesn't come just yet.

One last thing to look at is how this will affect the firing of offensive line coach Larry Beightol. Beightol was apparently fired because he argued with Martz one too many times. If Martz doesn't even end up coming back to Detroit for next season, then you can chalk this up as another bad move by the Lions.