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Will Detroit Draft Thomas at #2?

The NFL Draft talk is beginning to get underway strongly as more and more rumors start to go around.  None really mean a thing as anything could happen on draft day, especially with this still being early January.  Nonetheless, it is always fun to speculate, which is being done by Pro Football Talk.  Here is their take on the Lions situation regarding Wisconsin offensive lineman Joe Thomas.

A source with knowledge of the Lions' plans tells us that the team currently intends to draft Wisconsin tackle Joe Thomas with the second pick in the draft.

The ultimate irony, of course, would be for the Lions to pass on a quarterback or [Calvin] Johnson based on the team's past experiences, and then for the guy they don't take to blossom into a Hall of Famer.

And we're not reporting that the Lions will draft Thomas no matter what.  Last year, a prominent NFL analyst who will remain nameless (cough . . . <Mort> . . . cough) said that the Texans were definitely going to draft Reggie Bush.

I would bet that the Lions' first choice if anything is to trade down and then draft Joe Thomas as he is not really a #2 overall prospect.  Now, that doesn't mean that he won't go there, but I'm just saying that the Lions likely are going to try and trade down first.  Then, Detroit could get an extra draft pick or two as well as Thomas.