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NFL News and Notes: Playoff Tickets Restricted

  • Terrell Owens has supposedly fired his publicist.  Possibly one of the smarter moves of his career, maybe this will be a way to distance himself from all of the negative rumblings he creates at each team he plays for.  You probably all remember the one time we really saw T.O.'s publicist, Kim Etheredge.  Back in September reports stemmed out that T.O. had apparently overdosed on some type of pills and ended up in the hospital.  Many suggested it was a suicide attempt, but Kim refuted that with this infamous statement: "Terrell has 25 million reasons why he should be alive."  Good riddance Kim, thanks for making sports writers lives just that much easier on that day in September.

  • This past season's Monday Night Football crew will be back for next season.  Mike Tirico, Joe Theismann, and Tony Kornheiser all will return to the booth for Monday nights in 2007 according to Newsday.  The trio's feedback was both good and bad, especially towards Kornheiser.  He's great on PTI and was decent on MNF considering it's his first year.  I'm sure it will be better in '07 and I look forward to hearing the improved T.K.
  • John Czarnecki reports that Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer may be fired if San Diego isn't victorious on Sunday.  The Chargers welcome the Pats in for a divisional playoff game that could change a lot of things.  Despite the Chargers going 14-2 in the regular season, Schottenheimer could still be fired if he doesn't coach a win.  His shotty record in the playoffs and bad relationship with general manager A.J. Smith may lead to his demise.  However, if Schottenheimer was fired, many teams would undoubtedly welcome him with open arms.

  • USC coach Pete Carroll met with Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga over the weekend in Costa Rica.  Although the two talked for nearly four hours, Carroll adamantly stated the he is "committed to USC" and that he doesn't have any plans on leaving the Trojans.  Personally, I'll be more than happy to buy his plane ticket to Miami if he chose to go to the NFL, but I doubt it will happen.

  • In a way to prevent opposing fans from invading some of the home teams' playoff stadiums, two of the teams are putting restrictions on the tickets they sell.  The Chargers are only accepting orders from Southern California zip codes and the Bears from only Illinois and northwest Indiana zip codes.  I know these teams want a home field advantage, but this is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of.  Putting restrictions on buying tickets?  What if a Bears fan lives in Michigan and wants to catch the game?  Since that person can't order the tickets at face value because of living in Michigan, he would have to buy the tickets somewhere else.  Those tickets likely would be overpriced.  It's just my feelings, but I guess it's those teams call.

  • Two more high-profile college players have decided to enter the draft.  Receivers Dwayne Jarrett and Calvin Johnson have elected to forgo their senior seasons to be apart of the draft.  Jarrett likely will be a high pick, in my mind early to mid-first round.  Johnson on the other hand affects the Lions.  He is listed by some as the top prospect in the draft, and although he definitely won't be going to Detroit, the Raiders may have some interest in him.  Plus, he could be used as trade bait as well.