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Martz Not a Good Fit With Miami

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News broke on Wednesday that Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga flew in to Detroit to interview Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz for the Miami head coaching position.  The interview didn't last all that long as Huizenga had already interviewed a couple others prior to Martz, and I imagine he was tired after going through over 10 people.

There was a sense that Martz would leave sooner than later when he was first hired, and that thought looms even more now.  There are really two head coaching vacancies that Martz really can be mentioned with.  The first and obvious one is Miami as he interviewed with them, and the other is Oakland.  Martz has expressed some interest in Oakland but has not yet been contacted by Al Davis, who chose Art Shell instead of Martz one year ago.

If Oakland doesn't offer Martz the job, or any other team for that matter, then he will likely be back for the 2007 season.  The problem with Martz going to Miami is that they would want to run a completely opposite offensive system.  Martz is a pass first kind of guy and with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, you can't just ignore the running backs.

The other potentially disastrous problem that Miami would face if Martz was hired is the quarterback situation.  Daunte Culpepper isn't the right guy for Martz's offense, and Joey Harrington likely isn't either as the two couldn't get on the same page in Detroit.

But in interviewing Martz, 55, the Dolphins' brass is talking to a coach who doesn't have a high regard for Culpepper.

Several football people close to Martz say that Martz thought the Dolphins made a mistake when they, in effect, exchanged Gus Frerotte for Culpepper before the 2006 season.

Frerotte, Martz told them, is a good backup who makes good decisions. Culpepper, though, is a more gifted player but is limited in his ability to read defenses and understand offensive concepts.

From what I've heard, it doesn't appear that the Dolphins will offer Martz the head coaching job and will eliminate him as a candidate.  That news is good to hear for Lions fans as it means Martz is likely to be back next season, providing an instant offensive spark.