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Roy Williams Added to Pro Bowl Roster; Delivers Insight on Offseason

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Lions receiver Roy Williams was added to the NFC Pro Bowl roster on Friday. He will fill the vacancy left open by Rams receiver Torry Holt, who will not be able to play in the game after having knee surgery. Williams was originally an alternate for the Pro Bowl after having an NFC-best 1,310 receiving yards. The consensus was that he deserved a ticket to Honolulu if an open spot should become available, and due to Holt withdrawing, Williams jumped at the opportunity. The Pro Bowl will be played on February 10th in Hawaii, so make sure to tune in to watch Roy in his first career trip to the game.

Aside from his Pro Bowl-caliber play, Roy Williams has provided us all with entertaining comments all season long. Some were beyond out of the box, but something to talk about nonetheless. As we head into the offseason, Roy gave a lot of helpful insight regarding Mike Martz potentially leaving and the hopeful re-signings of fellow wide receiver Mike Furrey and defensive lineman Cory Redding during a teleconference.

When discussing Mike Martz, Williams hinted that he was a little worried about a possible departure, but overall felt the offensive guru would be back in Detroit next season.

"I heard about the Miami job," Williams said. "That's what this business is about. He's the offensive coordinator in Detroit, but anytime you can become a head coach, he probably wants to do that. I hope he doesn't leave us because we've got a good thing going. He's told me that before. Especially with a year under his offense, now we know what to expect ... and I'm excited for this offense starting next year. ...

"I'm a little worried that he'll leave, but in my opinion, I don't think he's going to go anywhere."

On the subject of Mike Furry, Williams brings up a few good points. In general, Roy hopes Furrey will be back as he hints that the two are a good compliment to each other.

"I don't know if he's waiting on Coach to make a move because he wants to go where he goes, but I hope he stays," Williams said. "I think he was our most consistent wide receiver. ... He's our possession guy. You throw it to him, he's not going to drop it. And I'm kind of like the home-run guy. So we work hand in hand."

Finally, Roy does show some worry that Cory Redding may be done in Detroit. Redding played great this season and may test the free agent market as I'm sure any team would love to have him.

"I'm concerned he could be leaving," Williams said. "He's a vital part of the defense. We need to get him back. I know Detroit's going to try their hardest to keep him there, and I know that he wants to stay there because that's what he knows. He has family in Michigan. So he wants to stay there, and he wants to try to make more plays."

The Lions supposedly tried to get contract extensions for both Furrey and Redding before the season's last game, but were unable to do so as the two are tentatively going to become unrestricted free agents on March 2nd.

As stated earlier, you can watch the Pro Bowl on February 10th on CBS. Congratulations to Roy Williams on making the team.