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Simeon Rice to Detroit in 2007?

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I remember reading this story but completely forgot to post about it last week, so I'll just do it now.  Better late than never.

Over the course of the 2007 offseason, the Detroit Lions hope to resign a couple of great players already on the roster along with adding a few more that could make a big impact.  Out of all the players that potentially could be added, none seems like a better fit than Simeon Rice.  

Rice is currently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and has one year left on his contract.  Rice was deeply disappointed after Rod Marinelli left for Detroit last year and would likely love to be reunited with his former coach after having only two sacks in eight games this past season.

The rumors have been floating around that a trade could be worked out somehow.  Some even speculated that the Bucs would cut Rice, but at this point it isn't seeming very likely.  Either way, here is the take on the situation from a local writer.

Rice has one year left on his contract that will pay him $7.25-million. Despite all of the professed love for Rice, you have to wonder if the Bucs won't attempt to trade him this offseason.

The perfect partner? Marinelli and the Lions.

Rice will be 33 next month, and the Bucs aren't likely to re-sign him after 2007. Tampa Bay owns four of the first 68 picks in the draft and could take a defensive end with its first or second choice.

The Rice-to-the-Lions rumor has been getting a lot of ink in the Detroit newspapers and Pro Football Weekly the past week.

The Lions need a pass rusher off the edge. And Detroit has what the Bucs lack, a surplus of defensive tackles: Shaun Rogers, Cory Redding and Shaun Cody. Redding is an unrestricted free agent who likely will re-sign. Don't expect the Lions to give up on Rogers, arguably their best player. Cody has played only 22 games in two seasons.

You can bet the Lions would love to have a player like Simeon Rice, despite his age.  Marinelli was a big part in the success Rice had in Tampa Bay, and the possibility of that transferring over to Detroit is intriguing.  Much more on this story down the road if anything develops.