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Final List of Early NFL Draft Entrants

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A total of 40 college players have declared for the NFL Draft, leaving prior to their final year(s) of eligibility.  Many of the players listed below could have a direct effect on the Detroit Lions, whether they are drafted to play in the Motor City or not.  Some are serious possibilities to be drafted by Detroit at #2 or even later on in the draft.  Others will affect Detroit in the sense that the Raiders could very well take one of the early entrants.  That could take away one of the Lions' potential picks and at the same time determine whether a team would want to trade up with Detroit.  Whatever does happen come April will unfold in the coming months.  Until then, here is the final list of the early entries.  

*JaMarcus Russell (LSU)

Update [2007-1-18 17:35:40 by Sean Yuille]: Colt Brennan will return to school for his senior season.

Running Backs
*Ahmad Bradshaw (Marshall)
*Michael Bush (Louisville)
*Chris Henry (Arizona)
*Brandon Jackson (Nebraska)
*Marshawn Lynch (California)
*Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma)
*Antonio Pittman (Ohio State)
*Gary Russell (Minnesota) - Dismissed from team
*Ramonce Taylor (Texas) - Dismissed from team
*Darius Walker (Notre Dame)
*Danny Ware (Georgia)
*Dwayne Wright (Fresno State)

Wide Receivers
*Ted Ginn Jr. (Ohio State)
*Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio State)
*Dwayne Jarrett (Southern Cal)
*Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech)
*Robert Meachem (Tennessee)
*Maurice Price (Charleston Southern)
*Sidney Rice (South Carolina)

Tight Ends
*Zach Miller (Arizona State)
*Greg Olsen (Miami)
*Luke Smith-Anderson (Idaho)

Offensive Lineman

Defensive Lineman
*Jamaal Anderson (Arkansas)
*Antwan Applewhite (San Diego State)
*Alan Branch (Michigan)
*Stanley Doughty (South Carolina) - Dismissed from team
*Charles Johnson (Georgia)
*Jarvis Moss (Florida)

*Jon Abatte (Wake Forest)
*Jon Beason (Miami)
*Rory Johnson (Ole Miss)
*Brandon Siler (Florida)
*Lawrence Timmons (Florida State)

Defensive Backs
*C.J. Gaddis (Clemson)
*Chris Houston (Arkansas)
*Reggie Nelson (Florida)
*Darrelle Revis (Pittsburgh)
*Ryan Smith (Florida)
*Eric Wright (UNLV)