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NFL News and Notes: Could Schottenheimer Be Out in San Diego?

  • Speculation is underway regarding the future of Marty Schottenheimer.  Schottenheimer coached the Chargers to a league-best 14-2 recorded during the regular season, but failed to win one game in the playoffs this year.  His lousy playoff record greatly overshadows his other success in coaching and that may be a reason he is fired by the Chargers.  He doesn't have a great relationship with San Diego's G.M. either, so that could be something to look for.  One note on that, look for Mike Martz's name to be mentioned as a candidate if the job becomes open.

  • The New York Giants formally introduced Jerry Reese as the team's new general manager.

  • Thankfully, the NFL Network turned down Britney Spears when she inquired about being apart of a commercial during the Super Bowl.  At least they're doing something right at the NFL Network.  Their broadcasts may stink but they're keeping the trailer trash away from their ads.