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Martz Probably Not Going Anywhere

Speculation has been underway since the first day that Mike Martz came to Detroit regarding whether he would take a head coaching offer with another team.  Following a pretty good season offensively considering the circumstances, Martz has been a hot name among some of the head coaching vacancies.  However, even with all of the talk surrounding Martz, it is looking more like he will wind up in Detroit next season.

The first contact made with Martz from another team was by the Miami Dolphins, who are still looking for a new coach to replace Nick Saban.  There was a double digit amount of candidates interviewed, meaning that Martz was one of many looking to get the job.  That list of candidates has been narrowed down recently and Martz is no longer in consideration.  Instead, the Dolphins are supposedly down to Jim Mora Jr., who was fired by the Falcons at the end of this season; Chan Gailey, the current Georgia Tech head coach; Mike Shula, the former Alabama head coach that had his job taken by Saban; and Cam Cameron, San Diego's offensive coordinator.

As for jobs other than the one in Miami, the other possibility linked to Martz was with the Oakland Raiders.  However, Oakland has yet to make contact with Martz and it doesn't appear any will come at all.  On top of that, some potential openings that I thought may have come open didn't, so all signs point to Martz being back in '07.

This is really great news.  Mike Martz did improve the offense last season, which was with many injured players.  Just think how good the offense could be with healthiness and no fourth quarter collapses by Jon Kitna.  The future is looking a bit better with this news.  Hopefully it stays true.