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Matt Millen Confirms His Return

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Earlier today, I posted that Fox 2 Detroit reported Matt Millen would not be fired.  Despite a 24-72 record that is by far the worst by any GM in just six seasons, Millen finds ways to not get fired. Even last season he got a contract extension that has four years left on it.  Sadly, that's how much longer Lions fans may have to suffer through the Millen era.

Matt Millen himself confirmed that he would be back for next season today.  Also, he shot down any of our hopes that he would just simply quit and walk away from the situation.

"I'll never quit," Millen said in an interview with a small group of reporters, including The Detroit News, which posted some of his comments on its Web site. "I can't do that. I don't even consider that."

"It's the way I'm made."

Asked why he wouldn't quit, Millen replied: "You're given a job, regardless of what it is. You keep on working and trying to get the thing done."

I'm sure you're probably all shouting expletives and about ready to throw something at your computer screen right now.  That's how I felt when reading that.  I mean, it's one thing to be a bad general manager that can't seem to do anything right, but it's another to be arrogant about it. When Millen said, "I'll never quit," it sounded like he was trying to rub it in our faces.  

What angers me the most about this whole Matt Millen situation is the fact that William Clay Ford really seems like he has no idea of what's going on.  Year after year he readily rewards Millen with another few seasons regardless of the constant bad output by the Lions.  Millen must be a good persuader as during his annual meeting with Ford, there is something he does to ensure that things are going on the "right path."  You know, 3-13 certainly sounds like everything is getting better, especially when it's worse than the previous season.

I have absolutely no clue what it'll take for Matt Millen to be fired.  Not even running across the field in a bodysuit or hooking up the Lions' past championship trophies to his car and dragging them around the parking lot would get him canned at this point.  To me, it feels like I'm watching that episode of Seinfeld over and over again.  Maybe someone can start a rumor about him working at Tyler Chicken and everything can be solved.