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NFL News and Notes

With the offseason for most teams in the NFL now underway, the firings and hirings begin along with many other storylines.  One in particular was a tragic way to start the new year, which is below in this edition of NFL news and notes.

  • Denver cornerback Darrent Williams was shot and killed in the early hours of January 1st when a vehicle pulled up next to his limousine and started firing bullets.  There were many people in the limo with Williams and some were also injured.  The police believe the incident occurred after an altercation at a nightclub.  This is truly a sad event, especially when the player was a rising talent both on and off the field.  My condolences go out to the friends, family, and fans of Darrent Williams.

  • The Arizona Cardinals fired head coach Dennis Green after a 5-11 season.  Green just finished his third season with Arizona in which a team with lots of talent failed to show that on the field.  An early candidate for Green's successor that would be a perfect match in my mind is Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow.  Chow was Matt Leinart's offensive coordinator at USC and has helped mold Vince Young into a potential rookie of the year.

  • The Atlanta Falcons fired their head coach, Jim Mora Jr., after he failed to lead them to the playoffs.  Mora had been in hot water with the Falcons organization after saying on a radio show that he would love to coach the Washington Huskies in the college ranks, and that only got worse as his team finished 7-9.  A potential replacement whose name has been thrown out there is former Lions coach Steve Mariucci.

  • Current Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban may be on his way out, voluntarily.  He has formally been offered the job at Alabama for a considerable increase in salary.  Saban originally left the SEC to take over at Miami, but may be going back.  He will make a decision by 10:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday.