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NFL News and Notes: Quinn Out of Senior Bowl After Injury

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  • Brady Quinn will not play in the Senior Bowl on January 27th due to a "minor knee injury." The Notre Dame quarterback has been at the top of most draft boards to date as he is regarded by some as the best QB in the draft. Following the whooping the Fighting Irish took in the Sugar Bowl however, JaMarcus Russell's stock has rose greatly. He and Quinn are likely to be taken quickly in the draft come April, and I doubt this injury will affect anything for Quinn. The exact way Quinn was hurt is unknown currently. Quinn will still make the trip to Mobile for the game.

  • Another Notre Dame player is also making headlines. He will not be playing in the Senior Bowl either, but at the same time he will never play in the NFL. Wide receiver Jeff Samardzija has made the decision to play for the Chicago Cubs of MLB instead of heading to the NFL draft, where it is likely he would be a first-round pick. Samardzija signed a 5-year, $10 million contract with the Cubs that has options for two additional seasons. Also, there was a nice signing bonus included with the contract. This decision means that Samardzija will be throwing baseballs rather than receiving footballs for his professional sports career. He had a great career himself at Notre Dame on the football team as he was Brady Quinn's premier receiver. I personally don't like Samardzija very much for a few different reasons, but I wish him the best of luck in baseball.

  • Tiki Barber appears to be leaning towards signing with NBC after retiring from the NFL. Originally reports came about that Barber had come close to signing with ESPN/ABC back around Christmas, but nothing became official.  Since then, the Giants running back has been looking to a few of the major networks.  As for what Barber would do at NBC if he were to go there, most imagine he would work as a football analyst but also appear on Today and possibly Dateline.

  • The Miami Dolphins have hired Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron as the team's news head coach.  Cameron signed a 4-year, $10 million deal.  He replaces Nick Saban following the vacancy becoming open when Saban left for Alabama.  This is a very good hire by the Dolphins and is much better in my opinion than the other finalists named.

  • Fired Falcons head coach Jim Mora Jr. has been hired by the Seattle Seahawks to become an assistant coach.  Mora grew up in the Seattle area and played in college for the University of Washington.