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Grimm Hired by Cardinals; Colletto Leader to Get Lions Job

There was a buzz surrounding the Detroit Lions yesterday as the possibility of signing Russ Grimm to be the new offensive line coach was brought up.  Grimm was the Steelers offensive line coach and nearly became Pittsburgh's head coach.  Reports over the weekend from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review actually suggested Grimm would get the job of head coach, but the team instead chose Vikings defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin.

Following not getting the job, it was apparent that Grimm would not return to the Steelers organization.  Although there wasn't anything near official going on, many suggested Russ Grimm to join the Lions staff as OL coach.  Unfortunately, before anything like that could even happen, the Arizona Cardinals made a move and signed Grimm as an assistant coach and offensive line coach.  Grimm rejoins former Steelers colleague Ken Whisenhunt, who became the Cardinals coach last week.

With Grimm completely being out of the question, the favorite and lone candidate to even be mentioned right now is Jim Colletto.  Yesterday, I posted about Colletto and how I don't see him as that great of a coach.  Despite a great amount of experience, he just doesn't seem like the right guy to hire in my opinion.  However, Colletto may be the man for the job in the Detroit's eyes according to the Free Press.

Jim Colletto is believed to be the leading candidate to become the Lions' offensive line coach, according to an NFL source. The Lions fired offensive line coach Larry Beightol after the season because he clashed with offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

The Lions could still look at other possible choices at the Senior Bowl this week, so this isn't set in stone at all.