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Furrey Deal Almost Done; Other Notes

After weeks of Mike Furrey not having a new contract or an extension, slating him to become a free agent in March, it appears that the Lions almost have reached an agreement with the receiver.  The Free Press reports...

The Lions and wide receiver Mike Furrey are in the final stages of negotiations on a contract extension.

"I think we're very close," coach Rod Marinelli said today in a conference call.

That is great news to hear because I don't want to see Furrey go anywhere.  Even if he did end up testing the free agent market chances are he'd wind up back in Detroit, but getting a deal done now completely eliminates any possible option of that happening.  Furrey was a great receiver for the Lions last season and it would be a shame to see him go.  Kudos to the Lions and Furrey for getting this all but finalized.

Other tidbits from that article include an update on the Cory Redding contract situation as well as an update on offensive lineman Jonathan Scott.

First, Cory Redding, who is also slated to become a free agent in March if he isn't signed to a new contract or extension, has been in close talks with Rod Marinelli on a weekly basis.

Marinelli calls Redding once a week. The Lions have begun contract negotiations with Redding, but Marinelli said they had "a ways to go yet."

At least there is progress being made.  Even if a contract isn't signed, the Lions would likely slap the franchise tag on him to keep him in Detroit.

Finally, there was an update on the condition of Jonathan Scott, who suffered a hip injury in the Cowboys game and had to be taken off the field on a stretcher.

Offensive lineman Jonathan Scott faces a three-month rehab -- but no surgery - because of a hip injury he suffered in the season finale at Dallas.

Obviously, best wishes to Scott as he recovers from the injury.