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Lions Take Joe Thomas Out to Dinner

Senior Bowl week is here and that means the frenzy down south in Alabama is also here.  Scouts and coaches from all over the NFL are currently in Mobile to get a look at some of college football's best seniors.  This is the biggest of all the college football all-star games and provides a great opportunity to see the talent of potential draft picks and at the same time interact with them.

For the Lions, there has only been one name specifically put out there by Detroit coaches as to who they have had contact with.  That player is Wisconsin offensive lineman Joe Thomas, who is expected to go very quickly in the draft, possibly to Detroit.

Martz did say that a couple of team officials, including Matt Millen, took Wisconsin tackle Joe Thomas to dinner Monday night.

The 6-foot-7, 310-pound tackle was scheduled to play Saturday but pulled out, telling Senior Bowl officials he wasn't in playing shape. He is expected to be a top-five pick.

I wouldn't look into this too much considering we're still in January.  But this does show that the Lions have an interest in Thomas.  The best case scenario for Detroit would be to trade down and pick-up a player or another draft pick if they did want to draft Thomas.

More on the Senior Bowl later this week, but until then make sure to check out continuing reports at the Highlight Reel.