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NFL News and Notes: Parcells Retires

  • Dallas coach Bill Parcells retired earlier this week.  This decision is a bit of a surprise to most people as it was expected that he would be back for next season.  It seems like the whole situation at Dallas just got too tiring for him mentally, which led to this choice to leave the NFL for now.  It is expected that Parcells will look into getting a G.M. job eventually to get back into the NFL world.

  • Speaking of the Parcells situation, as usual, Terrell Owens had something to say about it. And again, as usual, it would've been much better for Owens to just shut up.  He kicked Parcells when he was down in a very cowardly way.
    "I am just hoping his retirement brings promise to what the team has to offer," Owens said. "This past year was a big letdown. On paper we were as good as anybody we played against every week. The end result didn't show that. Our play was not indicative of what we could have done. What we should have done. Hopefully, the owner will hire a coach to take the team to the next level."

    "Sometimes change is good," Owens said. " I think it was needed."

    "Coming into this season and this situation, I wanted to be positive," Owens said. "When I talked to him for the first time we left an impression on each other. I still think he is a great guy. But he is like my grandmother. You love the person, but they are stuck in their old-school ways. You can't move them from their way of thought."

    "I was underutilized in the offense," Owens said. "A new coach can be good for the Cowboys. It's not just me. But my teammates know I could have done more. I wasn't used as a No. 1 receiver. If you don't involve a guy, that person is not going to be as productive as he can be. That's how I felt."

    Give me a break.  Maybe Owens should spend less time opening his mouth and more time practicing so he doesn't drop so many passes next season.

  • One more thing about Parcells leaving Dallas. That opens up another head coaching job. Mike Martz has been mentioned by the media, but it is unlikely he would get the job. Chances are slim in my estimation. Another that won't be getting the job is Titans coach Jeff Fisher. The Titans will not let Dallas have permission to talk to Fisher as they picked up his option for next season.
  • Miami-Dade police will not file charges against Falcons quarterback Mike Vick after he was involved in a suspicious situation at Miami International Airport last week. Vick was asked to get rid of a water bottle as it was way too large to take on the plane under new regulations and he was hesitant. This caused the screener to confiscate the water bottle from the recycle bin after Vick eventually did throw it out. A secret compartment was found in the water bottle and an odor of marijuana was present.

    As it turns out, tests confirmed that marijuana wasn't actually present in the water bottle. I'm a little suspicious myself as I have a couple of questions. First, why would you hesitate to get rid of the water bottle if there was nothing to hide? And secondly, why was there a secret compartment in the first place? Although his name is cleared legally, I think it's safe to say the damage is already done.

  • The Oakland Raiders finally found a new head coach. Lane Kiffin, the now former offensive coordinator of USC, was hired after it seemed like the job was never going to get filled. Kiffin is only 31-years old, making him another apart of the growing trend of hiring young coaches.
  • Chalk up cornerback Johnathan Joseph as the latest Cincinnati Bengal to be arrested. He was picked up on a possession of marijuana charge early Monday and becomes the ninth Cincinnati player in nine months to be arrested. In a move that I like a lot, Carson Palmer came out and took a stand, laying down the point that the arrests have to stop.
    "It has to stop," Palmer said hours after he heard the news. "If it doesn’t stop, we’re not going to have any fans left and I don’t blame them. It’s ridiculous. We can’t get through a month without getting a guy arrested. It happens on another team and they’re shocked and surprised to hear about it. With us, you hear about it and it doesn’t surprise you and you just shake your head and say, ‘Another one.’ "
  • Bears defensive tackle Tank Johnson will be allowed to make the trip to Miami for the Super Bowl. He was previously not allowed to leave Illinois after police found guns and ammunition in his home, but will be allowed to head to Miami thanks to a judge's decision.