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More on the Mike Furrey Deal

As I posted yesterday, Mike Furrey signed a three-year deal with the Lions. The actual numbers were not made public, but they're definitely a big upgrade from his previous contract. Aside from the signing itself, this deal means a lot of things for next season.

First of all, Detroit has two solid and viable wide receivers still. Roy Williams is the obvious #1 WR due to his big-play capabilities and explosive style of play. After that, until last season, the Lions haven't had a second WR that matches his production. This is where Mike Furrey comes in. Furrey is the perfect #2 starter for the Lions. He may not have the speed or athletic ability of Roy Williams, but he has other skills that make him even better in some ways.

The best part about Furrey is that he is so reliable. With an NFC best 98 catches last season, Furrey was the go-to-guy. Say you have a third down and need a short completion to keep the chains moving. The sure-handed Mike Furrey is just the person to aim for as he rarely dropped any passes in 2006.

With two solid receivers, the Lions have a big upgrade to the passing game. Roy Williams and Mike Furrey are perfect complements for each other. Instead of the defenders concentrating specifically on Williams, they now have to worry about Furrey as well, which will open up the field a bit more.

Since two receivers are in place, the Lions now just have to find a #3 guy that fits in with the Martz system. All year long the Lions signed and released players, some more than once when trying to find a #3 receiver. Nobody really emerged over the course of the season, meaning that Detroit will still be looking for a #3 WR this offseason. The possible choices range from the current wide receiving group to free agents to the draft.

On the team, the one player I hope can emerge this offseason is Mike Williams. BMW has had an up and down career with the Lions and hasn't been productive at all until the Dallas game. However, from what we did get to see from Williams, I liked. He seems like someone that can be a receiver in the middle of the field and especially a great target in the redzone. Williams will have to be smart during the offseason to even make sure he is still on the team come September, but if he is in the right mindset then BMW could avoid the fate of Charles Rogers.

The only real other possibility I see to find a #3 receiver comes in the free agent market. I doubt the Lions draft a WR considering how that has turned out in the past, but free agency is a great option. Specifically, it has been mentioned that the Lions will try to pursue Rams receiver Kevin Curtis. He knows the Mike Martz system and is someone who would fit the role needed perfectly and at the same time be a solid replacement for someone like Furrey if that was needed. Curtis will likely take a look at the free agent market and most would be surprised if he didn't end up in Detroit.

The factors that point him to Detroit are overwhelming. Mike Martz and his system reside in Detroit, which was mentioned above, and then Mike Furrey being signed may be the last thing needed. Furrey is good friends with Curtis as they played together in St. Louis. Reportedly, Furrey will try to convince Curtis to come to Detroit, meaning he would help bring over an important free agent signing.

Free agency begins in early-March and will be a big part of this offseason for the Lions. Before the draft, the Lions could address a few needs and get a better idea of what to do with the #2 overall pick.

Overall, the signing of Mike Furrey is big because simply he is a great player. He led the NFC in receptions after just coming to Detroit and switching permanently to WR. Kudos to the Lions for getting this deal done, bringing back Furrey was very important in my mind.