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A Weekend Without the NFL

For the first time since mid-August, there are no NFL games this weekend.  Something that will seem very odd is when Sunday comes and flipping through the channels doesn't find you an NFL game.  

It is a tad bit depressing as this means the Super Bowl is a week away and the season is practically over after that.  Although there is the Pro Bowl a week later, it is only an exhibition game.

The one thing that does excite me about the season coming to a close is the fact that Lions fans can get the phrase 3-13 out of their heads.  Offseason transactions and other decisions that will give us an idea of what to expect next season come about, and there of course is the always exciting NFL draft.  

For the next couple of months, gear up for your fair share of speculation talk.  With so many different possibilities of what could happen, rumors will be flying along with some educated guessing.  

Once the Pro Bowl passes, look for free agency previews and draft profiles here at Pride of Detroit.  The overall amount of posting will likely be reduced by a few each week as there is usually less to talk about in some of the dead weeks in between big events, but that doesn't mean the coverage will stop.  There's still plenty to talk about as hopes and expectations will soon grow for 2007.

Make sure you try to watch the Senior Bowl on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. ET as the Lions' newest rookie could be playing in it.  Check back here Monday for a look at how the Senior Bowl went as well as other offseason-type stuff.  I'm getting a quick start on the weekend and taking off until Monday, so until then, thanks for reading and Go Lions!