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NFL News and Notes: Super Bowl Less Than One Week Away

  • Saints running back Reggie Bush has been fined $5,000 by the NFL for pointing back at Brian Urlacher during the NFC championship game last Sunday.  Bush finished his 88-yard TD reception by pointing at Urlacher and then somersaulting into the endzone.  Following that play, the Bears went on a tear and dominated the Saints, leading to New Orleans' 39-14 defeat.

  • Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been busy interviewing candidates for the team's vacant head coaching position.  Recently, Dallas has interviewed Chargers defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, Saints defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs, 49ers offensive coordinator Norv Turner, and new Cowboys staff member Jason Garrett.  You'll notice there's no mention of Mike Martz on that list as currently he is not being considered as one of the top candidates.

  • The NFL and NFLPA have agreed to a stronger steroid policy.  This comes after a year of many issues surrounding steroids in the NFL.  I like this a lot because catching players using steroids and punishing them for it is very important.

  • Projected costs for the new Meadowlands stadium to house the Giants and Jets in the future have risen to a whopping $1.4 billion.  And you thought the Cowboys new stadium was going to be expensive.  That'll cost a $1 billion and still end up being cheaper to build.

  • Tailgating is banned at the Super Bowl next Sunday as a precautionary measure and a as a way to regulate the flow of the fans.

  • With Super Bowl XLI less than one week away, don't forget to check out Windy City Gridiron and Stampede Blue here on the SBN network.  You can find the latest Bears and Colts news on those two sites as the big game approaches.