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Roy Williams Wants Lions to Draft Adrian Peterson

During the Pistons/Pacers game tonight, wide receiver Roy Williams was in attendance. FSN Detroit caught up with him and asked a few questions regarding his trip to the Pro Bowl and the NFL Draft.

I don't have the exact quotes, so I'll just summarize what he said. When asked about the Pro Bowl, he stated that he wished more of him teammates were making the trip with him and hopes that next year there will be five or six Lions on the team. I wouldn't get your hopes up, but this is coming from the man that guaranteed Detroit would win out at the halfway mark in the season.

The more interesting thing that he responded to was the question of who the Lions should draft in April. Usually, players will give a generic response to the likes of, "I'll let management worry about that, it doesn't matter to me." Well, Roy Williams doesn't roll like that. He gave an honest answer and said that he wants Detroit to draft Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson. But, he said the Lions should trade down a few spots to do so.

I love that Roy Williams is always honest with his comments as it always leaves people like me with something to write about. Stay tuned to Pride of Detroit for draft coverage in the next couple of months as drafting Adrian Peterson may actually be a viable possibility.

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