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Wild Card Weekend Predictions

The playoffs are here already, which means that 12 teams still have a shot at winning the Super Bowl. In what is one of the most exciting times of the year, 6 teams from each conference battle it out to get through each round. The final reward is definitely worth each second played as a trip to Miami and a berth to the Super Bowl are up for grabs.

Since Lions fans, myself included, don't know what it's like to have their team in the Super Bowl, led alone the playoffs, the fun that is left for times like "Wild Card Weekend" is to make some predictions. That is what I did below. There are four games played over the course of Saturday and Sunday this weekend, with four teams moving on and four packing up for the offseason.

First up are the two games played on Saturday. As a reminder, the Chargers and Ravens have a bye in the AFC and the Bears and Saints in the NFC for having the top two seeds in each team's respective conference.

The Kansas City Chiefs had a lot of luck to get in the playoffs, and may be even luckier when it comes to the team they play on Saturday. Their opponent in this Wild Card match-up is the Indianapolis Colts, a team with one of the worst rushing defenses in the league. Let's just say, Larry Johnson is feeling pretty confident right about now.

Expect the Chiefs to come out and run it down the Colts' throats all game long. Larry Johnson better rest up as he will see the ball probably at least 30 times. With that being said, one of the league's top backs will come out on top against this bad of a rushing defense. His team will also do the same. I have the Chiefs winning this game in a close one that is ended with a late touchdown by LJ.

Coming off of a disappointing stretch, the Dallas Cowboys now have to head to the northwest to battle with the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks haven't had a great season by any means, but made the playoffs since they play in the NFC West. For Dallas, they are one of three NFC East teams to make the playoffs, but some say they will be the first eliminated.

The struggles as a whole, whether it is Tony Romo or the defense, appear to be the problem with Dallas right now. They have to play in one of the tougher environments in the NFC, especially at night. Although Dallas keeps it very close, Seattle squeaks by to make it to the next round.

The first Sunday game features one of the more interesting match-ups in the entire playoffs. It will be the Patriots hosting the Jets, but at the same time a coach hosting one of his former assistants. There has been a feel of hatred between the two in their previous two meetings this season, and that may carry over into Sunday.

The Jets really are a team that came out of nowhere. Following a bad season that was surrounded in question marks, New York managed to go 10-6 this year to get into the playoffs. Playing at New England will end that run though. The Patriots are too experienced of a team led by Tom Brady to lose this type of game. Not only will the veterans and home-field advantage help, but it will be too much for the Jets to handle. My take is that New York keeps it close early but ends up out of it by the start of the fourth quarter.

The final Wild Card game of the weekend features two opposite teams. The first is Philadelphia, who managed to turn their season around after Donovan McNabb went out for the season with an injury. The Eagles somehow pulled off the miracle and won the NFC East, and now get to host a playoff game. On the other side of things, you have the New York Giants. The Giants actually started their season off great, but have since lost quite a few games and have been in turmoil as a team.

Philadelphia certainly seems like the popular pick as some have them making it to the Super Bowl. I, however, think the Giants will get the upset thanks to the legs of Tiki Barber. In what could potentially be his final game, Barber will turn it up and score a few touchdowns to lead the Giants to victory.

It'll definitely be interesting to see how the playoffs end up. Just for fun, here are some extended predictions for the entire playoffs based on the projections above.

*San Diego over Kansas City
*New England over Baltimore

*Chicago over New York
*New Orleans over Seattle

*San Diego over New England

*New Orleans over Chicago

*New Orleans over San Diego