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NFL News and Notes: Saban to Alabama

The offseason honors began to be released as soon we will find out all of the awards.  Also, there is now another head coaching vacancy as someone that could be called a liar went against a previous statement and left for the college ranks.

  • Titans quarterback Vince Young was named AP Offensive Rookie of the Year.  Young came on as the Titans starter after a few games and turned their season around into almost making the playoffs.  Because of that success record-wise, Young was given the award.

  • The Texans will probably never forget that they passed on Vince Young and even so many other players.  But one of their draft picks was very smart.  Linebacker DeMeco Ryans was named AP Defensive Rookie of the Year after having a great season.  Ryans won it in a run-away as he received 36 of the 50 votes.

  • Nick Saban agreed to an eight year deal worth $32 million to become the next head coach at Alabama.  This comes after he specifically said he wouldn't be leaving for Alabama just weeks ago.
    "I guess I have to say it. I'm not going to be the Alabama coach. ... I don't control what people say. I don't control what people put on dot-com or anything else. So I'm just telling you there's no significance, in my opinion, about this, about me, about any interest that I have in anything other than being the coach here."

    This is truly an unclassy thing to do.  I understand that the money was there and Saban may have felt like e was failing with Miami, but there is no excuse for lying about something like that.  Either way, if I were a Dolphins fan right now, I wouldn't really be that upset as Saban was bound to leave eventually just as he has in the past.