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Still High on Quinn?

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Listen, I've listened to all of the talk about the Lions drafting Brady Quinn, and although I don't believe they will, the thought of it should be taken out completely.

I've followed Quinn closely since I'm a Michigan fan and am in that region of the country. Over the last year that I've seen him play, I've realized that he's nothing more than an over-hyped QB playing against weak opponents.

So far, Notre Dame has played three really tough teams this season, Michigan, USC, and LSU yesterday. In that time, Notre Dame has lost all three games and Quinn hasn't played good. He's really been exposed you could say.

Now, that doesn't mean he won't be a decent QB someday, although I still don't think so. But, the fact remains that he is not the best player in this draft at all, and any team that takes him is nuts.

Look at the talent in the draft, especially at the #2 position. Obviously, Oakland has a few players that they are considering, and Brady Quinn is one of them. But, after tonight, who knows if they'll go that route or decide to take someone like Calvin Johnson instead.

Quite frankly, if Brady Quinn is there at #2, then Detroit should definitely entertain the trade offers to move down in case there is a team, and trust me, there will be, that wants to draft him. It has already been put out there that Detroit doesn't want to necessarily draft a QB, especially with the 1st round pick, but you never know with Matt Millen.

If anything, the quarterback that Detroit should draft if they were to is JaMarcus Russell, the QB that led LSU to victory over Notre Dame. He looks more physical, more powerful, and a lot better overall. Plus, the arm strength he has is second to none really. On one of his touchdown passes against Notre Dame, he threw it 50+ yards in the air off his back foot. That really tells you something.

Mind you, this isn't necessarily a post saying Detroit should take Russell, because at this time I really don't feel that is the right pick. However, this is a post to say that if Detroit takes Brady Quinn then I think I'm done with the Lions for good, because that would truly be a wasted.