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Lions Officially Hire Jim Colletto As OL Coach

The speculation turned out to be true.  After it was suggested last week that the Lions were going to hire Jim Colletto as the team's offensive line coach, that exact thing has happened.  It was released today that Detroit did in fact hire Colletto as the OL coach.

I gave Colletto a pretty hard time last week when first hearing about this news and still stick behind that somewhat.  I think Colletto should be given a chance with the Lions before I jump on his back completely, but I still don't like this hire.  In my opinion, Larry Beightol shouldn't have been fired in the first place, but because he and Mike Martz couldn't agree on things, the pink slip was handed out.  

One of the main reasons Colletto did get this job is due to the fact that he probably won't clash with Martz.  That should help the offensive line if there isn't constant bickering between the two coaches, but if one person is simply going with whatever another suggests, then there may be a lack of balance.

Time will tell how this hire turns out, but until then, look back at last week's posts to get an idea of what Colletto brings to the table.