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Ross Verba Arrested on Felony Warrant for Writing Bad Checks

Lions offensive lineman Ross Verba was arrested on Tuesday for writing bad checks in Nevada. The car that Verba was a passenger in was pulled over for speeding in Wisconsin. The officer that pulled the car over recognized Verba's name. Verba readily identified himself as an NFL player, and in turn, the officer found that Verba had a felony arrest warrant for writing bad checks in Nevada.

Verba was held overnight in jail after being arrested and was released the next day after Nevada authorities let him go. Apparently, Verba worked out a misunderstanding with a Las Vegas establishment that he owed a debt to. Upon that basis, authorities set him free.

This isn't the first time that Verba has had some problems with the law. Back in late-December to early-January of 2004-2005, two women alleged that they were drugged and raped in the home of Ross Verba when he was still on the Browns. Verba denied that he did anything wrong.

While on the Lions this season, Verba started in 7 games for Detroit. His season was ended with a groin injury against the Vikings in December, but prior to that he had been injured throughout training camp and the start of the season. Verba was signed to a one-year contract by the Lions that has an option for next season. No word yet on if the Lions will pick up the option.