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Wild Card Weekend Schedule

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Playoffs? Yes, that's right, the playoffs are here already. Wild Card Weekend sets in on Saturday and Sunday for an exciting four games of football. Teams will have their hopes extended while others will start their offseason. It should be a great four games as the playoffs always are entertaining.

Before getting to the weekend schedule for the playoffs, first some news on what to look for in the coming weeks here at Pride of Detroit. With the Lions' offseason well underway, next week there will be a look back on the 2006 season as well as the first annual POD Awards, which will hand out the hardware to Lions players. Also, look for some early previews on what the Lions should do in the draft along with the free agent market. Until then, enjoy the playoffs this weekend and Go Lions!

4:30 PM   Kansas City @ Indianapolis
8:00 PM   Dallas @ Seattle

NFL ON CBS (Sunday)
1:00 PM   NY Jets @ New England

NFL ON FOX (Sunday)
4:30 PM   NY Giants @ Philadelphia

(All times Eastern)